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Bovi Resp 5L

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Complementary feed for cattle.

BOVI RESP is a unique (water-soluble) combination of vegetable oils with vitamins to keep the airways free.

Use: Shake well before use!!!

- calves (< 3 months): 3 ml per day applied directly into the mouth (diluted with water or milk to 20 ml) or in the milk: 1.5 ml 2 x daily for 7 days

- ruminant cattle: apply to drinking water: 2.5 ml/5 litres of water for 7 days or in the feed: 5 ml/5 kg feed for 7 days (10 ml/500 kg LG per day )

Composition per kg:

1.2 propanediol, dextrose, fructose, sucrose, vegetable oil, Eucalyptus

Additives :


- 3a672 Vitamin A: 13 500 IU UI/kg

- 3a671 Vitamin D3: 4 000 IU UI/kg